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Ella Silvester

Ella Silvester is an 8-year-old girl diagnosed with Extrarenal Rhabold, an extremely rare and aggressive tumor. Ella’s disease is extremely widespread and prognosis for this disease yields survival rates of less than 5%. At the moment, she is undergoing radiation to two metastatic sites (brain and abdomen) as a palliative measure to try to slow the progression of these lesions. Her future treatment course remains undetermined.

Ella lives with her parents, Kimberli and Jonathon, and her three brothers in Evergreen. Her mother stays home to care for them and her father works full-time as an engineer. Given the diagnosis and real potential for terminal diagnosis, Jonathan has taken a leave of absence from work for the foreseeable future to spend precious time with his daughter. This time away from work will be unpaid, and therefore, any support that can be offered is greatly appreciated, not just financially, but also emotionally as they face the devastation of this disease.

Caruso Family Charities is assisting the family with living expenses during this difficult and precious time.

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