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Caruso Family Charities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families who have a child, adolescent or young adult being treated in Colorado for a life-threatening disease or life-altering event. Through our Funding Families program, our mission is to relieve some financial pressures, such as rent, insurance payments, energy bills, co-pays or gas, so the family may focus on caring for their sick child.


There are organizations that help kids and families on a long-term basis, but they require more processing time. Some families need help now. Caruso Family Charities helps bridge the gap. We pull families back from the brink by helping with the immediate need immediately.

We personally visit each family to assess the situation and then we help solve the problem, whether it's keeping a family in a home for a 3-month span until other resources can be enacted, or helping a stranded mother get her child to chemo treatments. Our help is personal and it's as real as it gets.


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About Us
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